How to Hang a Bird Feeder Without a Tree

Creating a safe environment for birds in your backyard will encourage them to become regular visitors. Birds are amazing creatures, and if you’re into bird watching or simply want to add more balance to the ecosystem in your backyard, hanging a feeder will be the best decision.

But, what if you don’t have a tree? Can you put up a bird feeder even though there are no trees in your yard?

As a matter of fact, you can. There are different options from yard feeder poles to brackets and even window feeders that can be considered.

Keep on reading to learn more about installing a bird feeder.

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No Tree – No Problem!

A bird feeder provides a permanent food source that would encourage birds to spend more time in your backyard. But what if you don’t have a tree branch where you can hang a feeder? What if hanging a feeder on a branch will make it more accessible to squirrels?

Luckily, there are other options to explore, and one of them might work for you. 

1. Yard Feeder Pole

Installing a feeder pole is an excellent decision to consider because you can build a safe feeding station for various birds in your backyard, guaranteeing that squirrels won’t chase them or scare them away.

A durable feeder pole costs a little bit more than hanging the feeder from a tree, but it comes with a lot of benefits. One pole can accommodate multiple feeders, and this means that you can multiply the number of birds visiting your backyard for food.

You can install a birdbath to make your backyard more inviting in the summer. You can also add a dripper to keep these fantastic creatures well-hydrated.

But the best thing about installing a feeder pole is that it comes with a barrel baffle. This will keep intruders and predators like squirrels, raccoons, and mice away from the feeder.

To install multiple feeders, use extension hooks to install them at different heights. This will allow smaller songbirds to feed peacefully without being scared away by the bigger birds.

2. Window Feeder

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Using a window feeder means that you will be able to see the birds clearly. It will be a great option for an elderly person who lives with you and can’t leave the house or if you have children who spend more time inside.

The window feeder can be used as a seed feeder for songbirds or a nectar feeder for hummingbirds. You can install the window feeder under the roofline using chains or strings.

Before installing a window feeder, there are a few things that you need to consider.

  • Make sure that the birds have enough room to roam freely, as this will minimize aggression.
  • Some window feeders come with suction cups to be installed directly to the glass. If you don’t think that the cups are strong enough, use double tape to secure the feeder.
  • Make sure that all the window decals are removed because they can injure the birds if they attack them.

3. Hanging Bracket

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Install a hanging bracket if you need to set up a delicate bird feeder. You can install a hanging bracket to a wall or any other structure, even if you don’t have a window.

Hanging brackets are so versatile because you can also use them to add more plants to your space.

4. Deck Hanger

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If there’s no space on your deck to install a pole, you can consider buying a deck hanger. Some deck hangers are big enough to accommodate one feeder, while others are designed to hold more feeders at the same time.

A deck hanger is easy to move around and maintain. You can use screws, clamp-on mounts, or deck rail brackets to install your deck hanger.

The best thing about a deck hanger is that it allows for better visibility if you or someone else spend most of your time outside.

Tips For Hanging a Bird Feeder

Regardless of the type of feeder or the setup you choose, there are some tips that you need to follow to encourage birds to visit your backyard more often. Choosing the perfect location will guarantee that your feeder will be a safe spot for the birds.

  • Make sure that the feeder’s location allows for good visibility, as birds need to have a wide field of vision to scan their surroundings. Make sure that nothing is blocking the view when the birds are feeding, so they won’t feel threatened.
  • Unless the feeder is easy to move around, set it up where there’s full or partial access to the sun. Avoid windy areas, and in winter, make sure that the feeder is sheltered.
  • Set up the feeder at a location so predators won’t be able to bother the birds. It should be at least 6 feet off the ground and about 15 feet away from any nearby structure.
  • Pick a location that allows you to reach the bird feeder easily. You need to set it up somewhere so you can watch the birds while they’re feeding, and you also need to clean the feeder and add more food regularly.
  • Make sure that the feeder is protected from mice, squirrels, cats, and raccoons that might eat the birds. In addition, you need to set it away from fence lines that predators can use to attack.
  • Birds are shy creatures, so the feeder should allow them to feed peacefully without being disturbed. Make sure that the feeder is away from areas with high human traffic or noisy spots like a garage, driveway, or patio.
  • Think of the audio setup where you install a feeder. Wind chimes will scare the birds away while other sounds like water splashing, birds chirping, and insects buzzing will attract more birds to your feeder.
  • There should always be an easy route that allows birds to escape if they feel threatened. Although you might not have a tree to hang your feeder, you can install your feeder close to shrubs that provide shelter when needed.

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Without a tree, you can hang a feeder to create the perfect feeding spot for the birds in your backyard. However, make sure that you restock and clean the feeder regularly, so the birds will always come back for more.

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