How Long Should You Use A Bidet

So, you have just invested in a bidet or are thinking about it. You are now trying to figure out all the specs and how to use the product. Something you are probably thinking about is how much water you will use with a bidet. That all boils down to how the usage of the product. So, how long should you use a bidet? 

You can use a bidet for anything from 5 seconds to 3 minutes. It depends if you are washing your front or rear area, how thoroughly you want or need to clean, and whether you use tissue paper to wipe first or not. Most people only need to use a bidet for 20-60 seconds. 

Using a bidet is a convenient way to clean yourself in the toilet. It is more hygienic and better for the environment. Some people worry about how much water will be used and if there will be overconsumption and a higher bill. Some people also wonder if it will take extra time in the bathroom. All your concerns will be discussed in this article. 

Different bidets

How Long Should You Use A Bidet On Your Frontal Genitals

When using a bidet to wash your frontal area, you don’t need to run it for a long time. Since urine is liquid and does not stick to your genitals, it only needs a minimal cleaning up. Most often, five to ten seconds should be sufficient to rinse off your font bits. 

For men especially, it’s only the tip of the penis that requires a rinse. As long as water runs over it for a few seconds, the area will be cleaned. You also want to ensure all your urine has been released to avoid leaks afterward. That will maintain complete hygiene. Wipe with a tissue when you are done to dry. 

For women, urine can sometimes run downwards to the anal area. Few splashes on the inner thighs are also common. If you are a female, you want to let your bidet run for about ten to fifteen seconds, ensuring that the entire area is clean – front to back. If you can adjust the bidet sightly, try to get it to rinse your inner thighs. If you can’t change the bidet, shift your body to get the job done. 

If you have a bidet installed in the toilet bowl, you may have to figure out how it can work best for you and your needs. A handheld bidet sprayer works well because you can control the direction, pressure, and position for your comfort and most efficient usage. It would only require about five to ten seconds with a handheld bidet sprayer for women. 

How Long Should You Use A Bidet On Your Anus

Washing your anal area can vary from person to person depending on the type of bidet you own, how you use it, and your poop situation. 

Some people run the bidet for one to three minutes for maximum washing. Some get it done within 30 to 60 seconds. The lengthy time frame is often unnecessary, and people do it either out of paranoia or because they don’t realize it requires less time. Sometimes, washing longer is needed. 

A toilet bowl bidet will aim directly at your anus (as long as you have it adjusted or sitting in the correct position). If you have let out a soft, healthy poop, 30-60 seconds would generally get the job done. You can wipe with a tissue to check if there are any remains; if not, wash again for another 20-30 seconds. 

If you maybe have some digestive problems like constipation and your poop gets stuck on its way out, you might need to let the bidet run for an additional 60 seconds. Again, you can check with a tissue if it is all clean and if not, wash again for another 30-60 seconds. 

A handheld bidet sprayer can require a lot less time because you can position it better. It washes in a manner that allows the water to run directly into the toilet instead of spraying up at your anal area. That means faster and more efficient cleaning. With a handheld bidet, you could probably get your bits cleaned in 30-60 seconds maximum. 

If you have hair around your genital areas, it can take a little longer, especially with poop, because the faeces can get stuck between the hair particles. Many people (especially men) with a lot of hair on their butts will run the bidet for up to 3 minutes to ensure everything is thoroughly cleaned.

Should You Wipe Before Using A Bidet

Water is the best component to clean yourself, especially your genital areas. It is also the most hygienic way to wash away excreta. Water alone does the job of cleaning your genitals without the help of any soaps or tissue. 

There is no need to wipe before you wash unless you prefer to do so. Many people like to wipe first after they poop to get rid of any stool remains and then use water to finish cleaning the area. This can save about 30 seconds of bidet usage. 

If your aim of using a bidet is simply to use water instead of toilet paper, you don’t need to first wipe. If you aim to help the environment, you don’t need to wipe first – just use water. If time is an issue for you, use tissue first to save time running the bidet. If it is in your preference to wipe with tissue and then wash, that is totally fine, just not a requirement. 

Toilet and Bidet

How To Save Time And Water Using A Bidet

If you are looking for some ways to save time and water using a bidet, check out these tips below:

Reduce the water pressure of the bidet 

You can use the lower pressure on your bidet setting to avoid water splashes and save water and time. Cleaning a tough poop situation might not save you that much time or water because you would have to run the bidet longer. But for washing the frontal area, lower pressure is ideal. 

Wipe with toilet paper before washing 

As mentioned previously, wiping first is not required; however, if you want to save time and water using a bidet, you can wipe and wash. This tip won’t make much difference when you pee but can be super helpful for cleaning up after pooping. 

Use your hand to clean up while washing 

This tip might sound disgusting. But you should wash your hands with soap and water after you use the toilet anyway. It also won’t make much difference when cleaning after a pee but can save a lot of time and water after pooping. Use your non-eating hand’s fingers to rub around your anal area when running the bidet. As you wash and rub, the area will get cleaned quickly. 

Indians have been using the method for centuries, and Muslims have been doing it forever. They only use the right hand for eating, hence using the left hand for genital cleansing. After using the toilet, they thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water. That way, they only need 20 to 30 seconds of cleaning with low-pressure water. 


If you are thinking about getting a bidet, there is no need to wonder how much water you will need or much longer it will take you each time you are in the bathroom. You will use around 5-10 seconds for frontal washing and 30-60 seconds for rear cleaning. A bidet is the best product in your bathroom for better hygiene and a safer environment!

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