Do People Steal Ring Doorbells

A Ring doorbell is an excellent device that you can use at home. It allows you to see who is at the door as it detects motion, so you can know who comes close to your house even if you’re not home. The doorbell is connected to the Ring app on your phone, so you can see what is happening outside your property.

Unlike traditional doorbells, a Ring doorbell is an amusing upgrade because it can be used to protect your house. And because they are popular, yes sometimes people steal them.

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This new technological piece is an impressive appliance, but how can you protect yours from being stolen? You will find the answers in this article.

Do People Steal Ring Doorbells

Ring doorbells are quite popular, but people steal them. Although this doorbell features a motion detector that activates a camera, a thief might be able to steal it.

Unlike traditional doorbells, a Ring doorbell is an amusing upgrade because it can be used to protect your house. This appliance connects the doorbell to an app that you can install on your phone. When anyone approaches the house, the doorbell will take a video of that person and send that video to your phone. You can also use the doorbell to communicate with people outside the house.

But securing this doorbell is crucial because it’s a little bit more expensive than ordinary doorbells, and thieves might be tempted to steal it. In most cases, trying to sell a stolen Ring doorbell isn’t a wise decision because it will hardly sell for the retail price or even any price close to it.

In some cases, someone might steal the Ring doorbell because they were caught off-guard when they approached the door. They might steal the Ring doorbell because they want to access the house later. However, you can easily protect your investment and make sure that your house is safe.

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How to Prevent a Ring Doorbell from Being Stolen

There are several things that you can do to protect your Ring doorbell.

  • Use a protective cover to protect your Ring doorbell. You can use a grid box or a metal locking plate and secure it to the wall for maximum security. If you choose a stainless steel box, you need to make sure that the camera’s view isn’t obstructed.
  • Attach the Ring doorbell properly to the wall. The doorbell can be attached to a door frame using screws. But you can improve the installation by sticking it directly to the wall.
  • Install another camera to watch the view. This way, even if someone tries to steal the Ring doorbell, you will be able to know who they are and when they’ve come to your house.
  • You can install a sign to warn people. Verbal warnings affect people, especially if you use strong language to tell them that they’re being watched. Even a sign with a couple of watching eyes will reduce the likelihood of getting your Ring doorbell stolen.
  • Don’t ignore your phone notifications. The app will let you know when someone has come too close to the camera. You can even talk to someone outside the house through the app, which is enough to scare them off.

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How Does a Ring Doorbell Work

Ring doorbells represent an upgrade from all ordinary doorbells. It can detect motion up to 30 feet away, and the movement activates a camera that takes a video of the area surrounding your house. It can become useful, even when you’re not in the house, because you can tell who is coming too close to your property.

Installing a Ring doorbell guarantees your peace of mind because you will be able to see the person at the doorbell. If you are leaving your kids at home, you won’t feel worried because you know who is approaching your house.

Moreover, this doorbell has a two-way microphone, so if you don’t want to open the door, you can still communicate with the people outside. This can be an excellent feature for those who want to get deliveries when they’re not home or don’t want to communicate with others.

When it’s installed, the Ring doorbell connects to your home Wi-Fi network and transmits data to the Ring app on your phone. It shows a video of people who are approaching your house. This data will be downloaded to your phone, so you can check these videos later. You can watch these videos anywhere you are.

Ring Doorbells also allow you to check old videos. The videos are saved by time and date for better security. This will give you a clear timeline of everything happening at your house, which can become useful if you’re on a long vacation.

Moreover, the Ring doorbell can send you community notifications. These are coming from other Ring doorbell owners in your area, using the Neighbors function. You can find out about the critical events occurring in your area, including community events, power outages, and even crimes.

A Ring doorbell is straightforward to operate. It comes with an internal battery that allows it to work for a very long time, and there’s a notification on the app to tell that the battery has to be replaced. However, if you’re not fond of using rechargeable batteries, you can hook the Ring doorbell to your house’s wiring.

Can a Ring Doorbell Be Stolen Easily

A Ring doorbell can be stolen if it wasn’t correctly installed or the thief was strongly determined to remove it. Although a Ring doorbell shouldn’t be easily stolen, a thief with the right tools can do this job in a few minutes or even less.

The easiest way is to remove the security screw at the bottom of the Ring doorbell. After that, you can remove the anchor screws that attach the doorbell to the wall. Even the rechargeable battery can be stolen.

Will the Ring Doorbell Capture A Video if It’s Stolen

A Ring doorbell will capture a video of anyone approaching the house, up to the distance of 30 feet. This means that the doorbell will be able to record a video of someone before they attempt to steal the doorbell. However, if the thief is using a device to prevent your Wi-Fi from working properly, the doorbell won’t be able to send the video to your device.

Can a Ring Doorbell Be Hacked

Yes, Ring doorbells can be hacked if someone has access to your Wi-Fi. If you have previously given anyone access to the Ring doorbell, they might be able to prevent it from operating.

However, this is a common problem with other wireless and smart doorbells because these appliances depend on Wi-Fi. The best thing you can do is to follow the safety instructions set by Ring.

Your Wi-Fi should be adequately secured using a strong and hard-to-guess password. You should also avoid giving access to your Ring doorbell to random or untrustworthy people.

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A Ring doorbell will detect motion outside the house and record a video of the intruders. It connects to a smart app on the phone and sends notifications to let you know who is outside the house. You can protect the Ring doorbell by installing it properly or securing the Wi-Fi, so no one can hack it.

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