Do Ceiling Fans Keep Mosquitoes Away

You’re sitting on your covered porch, enjoying a cold drink on a warm summer afternoon. All of a sudden, you hear the sound you dread the most: the incessant buzz of mosquitoes!

You’ve tried nearly everything you’ve heard to keep these bugs away but to no avail! If this is a scenario that rings a bell, then you’ve come to the right place!

Since you’ve landed on this article, you’re probably wondering, do ceiling fans keep mosquitoes away? Yes, they do, to a certain extent.

Let’s jump right into it.

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Do Ceiling Fans Keep Mosquitoes Away

When you’re shopping for a ceiling fan, look for one with large blades. They allow for better airflow, especially if you’re installing it outside.

Also, choose fans with heavy-duty motors. They’re better at increasing wind speed and keeping mosquitoes away for as long as possible.

Large outdoor ceiling fans add elegance to any space. Plus, they allow for a more wide-ranging airflow. This allows them to produce more cool air and get rid of a lot of little flying insects in the process.

Here’s how a ceiling fan can help you get rid of mosquitos:

Increases Airflow

The most important thing to keep in mind is the speed of the fan. The higher the speed, the greater the air movement.

Flying bugs prefer calm wind conditions. If it’s a soft breeze, then it’ll probably be too weak to keep mosquitoes away.

The breeze needs to be strong enough to ward off these and other relentless pests. The reason is that mosquitoes are weak flyers, and flying in windy conditions uses up a lot of their energy. So, they tend to avoid any area with moderate to powerful air currents.

Hence, a ceiling fan can reduce up to 75% of bugs in the area. This is also true for bees, flies, and other small winged insects.

Diffuses Chemicals

Having a ceiling fan operating helps diffuse odors and aromas. These act as chemical signals that call mosquitoes over.

In addition, a fan helps spread out carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and other chemical compounds released through our breath and sweat. Even though they’re pretty much odorless for us, mosquitoes use them to locate us, their hosts, to enjoy a nice meal.

Reduces Humidity

Another advantage of hanging a ceiling fan is that it lowers humidity levels. As the fan blades circulate the air, it dries out the surrounding atmosphere.

Mosquitoes prefer damp environments, which is why they don’t bother much with dry areas. They’ll just avoid it altogether in search of somewhere more humid and less windy.

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Additional Repellents That Work With Ceiling Fans

Is your porch or indoor space too large for the ceiling fan to ward off mosquitoes? Then, it’s time for some backup.

Ceiling fans are low-tech and can be quite effective at keeping mosquitoes away. Still, you have to remember they’re way up on the ceiling.

In other words, they’re far away from your body, which is what mosquitoes usually aim for. This means you may need a few extra repellents to help the ceiling fan do its job.

Here’s a list of other types of mosquito repellents that can work hand-in-hand with your ceiling fan. Combining them is a great way to provide extra protection against these pests.

Essential Oils

There are quite a few natural ways to keep mosquitoes away. Some even add a nice smell to your home.

These oils can come in the form of candles, incense sticks, or sprays. They work by hiding the scent of carbon dioxide and lactic acid that our bodies secrete.

The best known natural mosquito repellent is lemon eucalyptus oil. Studies show that it can provide up to 95% protection against these pests for several hours.

Another effective choice is citronella. Citronella candles contain an extract from the Cymbopogon family. This extract helps repel various flying insects, especially mosquitos. You can also plant citronella around the garden or in pots, pots allow you to move the citronella plants to the area you will be relaxing in.

One downside is that citronella only repels insects in the area around them. So, you may need to place more than one candle, incense stick or potted plant. Plus, they don’t do anything to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

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Bug Zapper

Electronic bug zappers repel most flying insects, like moths, gnats, and mosquitoes. They’re typically hung outdoors slightly overhead to attract them in mid-flight.

So, how do they work? Some zappers emit a specific type of pheromone called octenol. This is a chemical that imitates the chemical composition of human breath. Other models emit a blend of octenol with carbon dioxide to pull in even more mosquitos.

Zappers are also equipped with rods that emit UV light. We all know mosquitoes can’t resist any type of light, but UV light seems to fascinate them even more.

The entire zapper is surrounded by a mesh cage. When the bugs fly near it or come in contact with it, the cage bars zap them with a bolt of electricity.

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Screen Doors and Windows

When all else fails, it’s time to install some screens. Putting up mesh screens prevents mosquitoes and other winged pests from bothering you on your porch or inside your home.

Having mesh screens fitted allows fresh air to flow through the house or porch and at the same time, it reduces the amount of dirt and debris entering your home.

If you decide to install mesh screens, then there are certain things you have to be aware of:

  • A typical-sized mesh should be about 1.2 x 1.2 mm
  • For extra protection, use essential oils as natural repellents
  • Turn off light sources near doorways and windows to prevent a scourge from gathering
  • Clean the mesh screens regularly using an unscented soap solution
  • Make sure you repair or replace screens that get torn or damaged

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So, do ceiling fans keep mosquitoes away? Will they be effective in a porch or pergola? Yes and yes!

Whether you’re entertaining family and friends or chilling on your own, a ceiling fan is a pretty effective repellent. Flying insects generally tend to avoid moving at all when there are air currents. They also don’t like areas that aren’t damp and humid.

A ceiling fan offers both! Moreover, using more than one repellent is your best bet against warding off buzzing pests. This way, you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about pesky bugs or itchy bites.

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