Can you Park a Boat in Your Driveway

A boat is a perfect way to escape to the water on the weekend or during the summer months. However, if you are taking your boat out almost every weekend, you may be wondering if you can park your boat in your driveway. After all, parking your boat in your driveway is much more convenient, not to mention, cheaper than storing it in a marina.

Yes, in many areas, you can park your boat in your driveway temporarily with no issues. However, when it comes to extended periods of time, the rule will vary from subdivision to subdivision and must be checked beforehand. There are also some cities that have ordinances against parking boat in the driveway.

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I actually found this out the hard way when vacationing in Cape Coral, Florida. The city has an ordinance that prohibits the parking of boats and trailers in the driveways, even for vacation rentals.

Can you Park a Boat in Your Driveway

Some subdivisions and cities have varying rules and regulations all over the country when it comes to boat storage. 

Overall, if you need to park your boat in your driveway for a short amount of time, you more than likely won’t run into issues. However, it can be a problem when you want to park your boat in your driveway for longer periods of time.

If you are in a neighborhood close to a body of water or is home to a large number of boaters, there may even be a community space where you can park your boat. Many of these areas are reserved for specific communities and allow you to have your boat close by without having to worry about HOA rules. 

We narrowed down some of the most common HOA rules surrounding parking a boat in your driveway. While these cover the likely rules in your subdivision, it is wise to call your HOA and double-check. 

If you live out in the country or a rural neighborhood, you can likely park your boat without any issues at all. These areas typically don’t have HOAs in place and are therefore far more lenient. However, it is when you live in a subdivision that problems can arise with the HOA in your neighborhood. 

What are the Rules About Parking Your Boat 

Depending on where you live, there may be HOA rules and regulations. We compiled some of the general rules for parking a boat in or near your driveway. 

On the Street 

In most subdivisions, you cannot legally park your boat in the street. Not only is this for the appearance of the neighborhood, but it is also a safety issue.

Many subdivisions have minimal parking, and if everyone parked their boat on the road, it would be nearly impossible for cars to drive through. Another reason is that boats can easily block a driver’s view, ending in a disaster if a vehicle is coming the other way. 

If you simply need to park your boat on the street temporarily, many subdivisions do not care. However, it is when you try to park a boat overnight that it can become a problem. Some areas with more space or are located in rural areas do not have rules against parking on the road. It wil come down to your specific location and whether there are rules in place. 

In the Driveway 

While parking on the street is generally not allowed in most areas, parking your boat in your driveway is more acceptable. Parking in your driveway doesn’t create any safety issues, and you can generally park your boat there for a certain amount of time without problems.  

Parking a boat in your driveway is typically okay for multiple days but is not acceptable for an extended period of time. This will differ depending on how strict your HOA is and the rules in your area. While most cities allow you to park your boat for a little while, double-checking is a safe bet. 

Also, some areas will let you park your RV for a more extended period, but you must obtain a permit before you do. Finally, many HOAs are stricter about boats because they believe they add an eyesore to the subdivision. 

Out of Sight

There are so many varying rules per subdivision and city that we recommend checking in with your specific HOA. If you live in an area with more space between homes, you may have the option to keep your boat on property…with some restrictions. 

Your HOA or city may allow you to have your boat on property if it is out of sight. Simply put, your boat cannot be seen from the road. If you can have your boat behind your garage or another area of your home, you can easily have free parking for your boat. 

When it comes to finding a space on your property where your boat is out of sight, don’t forget about storage buildings and garage space. Within these spaces, you can easily have your boat out of sight while also protecting it from the elements. 

Suburban vs Rural Neighborhoods

Where you live will decide how strict rules are in your area and whether or not HOA restrictions apply. So, for example, if you live away from the city limits with no HOA in place, you can park a boat without thinking twice. 

If you live in an area with homes spread out where there is space to park your boat away from the road, you will likely not run any issues. Honestly, rural neighborhoods allow you to park your boat without problems, whereas suburban areas often have rules. 

Even though we narrowed down many rules and regulations that you need to be mindful of, every single subdivision is different. HOAs vary significantly across the country. Always take the time to make a phone call to your local HOA before parking your boat at your home.


All over the country, people flock to the water in the summertime, and having a boat makes summer that much more enjoyable. While spending time out on the water is the perfect way to spend a summer day, finding a place to store your boat until your next outdoor adventure can sometimes prove difficult. 

While there are often no specific laws in place, many HOA associations have rules written explicitly into your deed surrounding boats. These rules wil likely tell you if you can have a boat in your driveway and, if so, how long you can store it there. 

More often than not, subdivisions will allow you to have a boat in your driveway for a short amount of time. Many areas will enable you to have a boat parked for a few days without any issues. The problem will come if you want to store your boat in your driveway or decide to park in the street. 

Parking in the street causes safety hazards, and parking your boat at your home can cause an eyesore for your neighborhood that many HOAs do not put up with.  Lastly, if you find out you can’t park your boat in your driveway, it may be time to look into storage facilities to keep your boat protected throughout the seasons. 

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