Can You Kill Crabgrass in The Summer

Your yard is the jewel of your home and taking care of it throughout the year is important to create a healthy yard that welcomes you home time and time again. One thing none of us look forward to dealing with is weeds, especially crabgrass! Because crabgrass is the strongest in the summer, there are certain ways to try and kill crabgrass during this season. 

It is definitely more difficult to kill crabgrass in the summer months, but it can be done. If you have a small amount of crabgrass, your best bet is to simply pull it out by hand and replace the area with new sod or grass seed. If your yard is covered with crabgrass, then it’s best to let it die out during the winter, while at the same time applying a pre-emergent weed killer to prevent it from rearing its ugly head again in the winter.

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While crabgrass is a true nuisance, either taking steps to prevent it or tackling it head-on there are a variety of ways to erase it from your yard completely. This article will break down why crabgrass is not good for your yard and how to get rid of it effectively. 

Can You Kill Crabgrass in The Summer

Summer is not the best time to get rid of crabgrass because it is so strong, but that doesn’t mean it is completely impossible to get rid of. 

While the most effective way to get rid of crabgrass is to wait until the first frost when it will be killed off, there are other steps you can take to get rid of this pesky weed.

Tip: the best way to prevent crabgrass or any weed is to keep your lawn healthy! A nice lawn will prevent most weeds from popping up. 

Because at this point in summer, the crabgrass is very established and the new seed has taken over, and it can quickly take over. By finding a herbicide that will kill crabgrass you can spray it directly on the plant or use a pre-emergent spray ahead of time. To render it effective you need to make you follow the directions fully and make sure to plan to spray it in the appropriate weather. Spraying herbicide right before rain or extreme heat may render it useless and have you applying time and time again. 

It is important to spray herbicide on crabgrass before July because by July the seed will begin germinating. 

If it is already late summer and the crabgrass seed has already sprouted and grown strong, it is best to wait till fall with the first frost to knock it back. 

Why Should I Get Rid Of Crabgrass

There are a variety of turfgrasses that you can have in your yard that will grow strong and healthy throughout the year. Crabgrass is not one of them.

Crabgrass will grow in your yard and often stands higher above your typical grass. It also is far from the appealing grass that you want in your yard. Crabgrass can be found in your yard throughout the year, but the perfect conditions for it to thrive is during the summer. 

During the warmth of the summer months, your normal turfgrass will lay dormant while crabgrass will come to the forefront of your yard. It is then when crabgrass can begin to take over different areas of your yard without any hesitation. 

Crabgrass likes to find areas of your yard that are bare or weak and establish its roots there. 

If crabgrass has already taken over your yard, your best option may be to kill off the crabgrass and then other vegetation and start fresh. You can start fresh with sod and ensure you water your new sod throughout the week to make sure it takes well. 

How Do You Get Rid of Crabgrass

There are a variety of ways to get rid of crabgrass or prevent it from establishing in the first place. 

Pre Emergent Weed Killer

There are various weed killers that are made to only kill a specific weed, but there are none made for crabgrass. The best option you have is applying a pre-emergent to your yard. A pre-emergent weed killer that is a crabgrass preventative to take care of crabgrass before it can even begin to grow.

By dispersing a pre-emergent crabgrass killer it will keep the seeds from even being able to germinate and keep crabgrass away from your yard. 

Post Emergent Weed Killer

There are also choices for post-emergent herbicides to get rid of crabgrass. Post Emergent weed killers are used to get rid of plants that are already established. They are sprayed on the leaves of the crabgrass and will work their way down into the roots to kill the entire plant. 

Many people turn to post-emergent weed killers when they have an overabundance of crabgrass in their yard. 

While there are a lot of different herbicides you can use, there are also steps you can take to keep your crabgrass free from the beginning. 

One way is to keep your yard full and healthy. Crabgrass is an opportunistic plant that will grow in random spaces where it is weak and thinned out. If you work to keep your yard full, the crabgrass will have nowhere to grow and grow well. 

Also, mowing your grass to the correct length of around 3-4 inches will ensure that there is no spot for crabgrass to germinate fully. If you cut your yard too short you risk giving crabgrass and other weeds the perfect space to grow. 

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At What Temperature Does Crabgrass Die

Crabgrass hates cold temperatures. As soon as a frost comes it’s the way it will die back and turn into a brown eyesore. The worst aspect is that when crabgrass dies, you have to take time to go around and pick up the pieces that are left behind in your yard. 


Crabgrass is not something you ever want to deal with in your yard because it is an eyesore and can quickly take over your weak yard. Crabgrass, once it is established, is difficult to get rid but there are certain ways to get rid of it effectively. 

One option is to wait until fall or winter when the frost comes and let it freeze back and then remove it after. The only issue with this solution is that you have to put up with crabgrass throughout the summer and then you have to go out and pull up the dead weeds after they die back. 

Another choice you have is to get ahead of the crabgrass and take a few steps to create an environment that keeps crabgrass away. Ensure you take the necessary steps by keeping your yard healthy and full and not cutting your yard too short. If your yard is weak and it’s too short, it will create the perfect grounds for crabgrass to germinate and grow strong. 

You can also apply a pre-emergent to your yard that combats crabgrass seeds before they have a chance to establish. If crabgrass is already established in your yard you can apply a post-emergent herbicide or start from scratch and re-sod your yard if it has gotten bad enough. 

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