Can You Have a Fire Pit in Your Backyard

In general, the federal government, nor states have laws that restrict a homeowner from having a fire pit in their backyard. However, some cities and homeowner associations may have rules that you will need to follow in order to have a fire pit in your backyard. This could include the distance that the fire pit is from the house, whether or not it can be seen from the road, the type of fire pit (gas/wood burning), and whether or not there is a “no burn” ban in effect. 

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So, you’re thinking of putting a fire pit in your backyard? Before you do, there are some things to consider! With all the rules and regulations that some cities, neighborhoods, and homeowners associations have in place, you may not even be allowed to have a fire pit in your backyard? Crazy right? I mean after all, it’s your yard! After doing a little research, I found out a few things about fire pits in the backyard.

With that being said, fire pits can be a great addition to your backyard! Throughout the year, having the ambiance of a campfire in your backyard with all of your family and friends brings some incredible memories that you will remember for years to come. 

Grab supplies for s’mores, brew a cup of hot cocoa, bring out the guitar, and begin a fire in your backyard firepit that will transform your backyard into a perfect escape. Fire Pits can be purchased or created from scratch, allowing you to have a fire pit that will easily match the aesthetic of your home and backyard. 

Are Firepits legal

You may be wondering if your location allows you to set up a fire pit in your backyard and if you need to worry about getting it approved by your local authorities.

Rules and regulations vary by each county and whether there is a burn ban in effect in your neighborhood will change whether you can have a firepit safely and legally. Many areas allow backyard fire pits where you can have a small fire within your backyard that uses a reasonable amount of wood. What that means is that you simply cannot have a backyard fire pit that burns an immense amount of wood resulting in a bonfire. 

Another safety consideration and in many ways part of the law in several counties is not having your fire pit set up near anything combustible such as a building or porch. A common fire safety consideration is keeping your fire pit at least 25 feet away from anything combustible and placing it out from under any trees. 

If you are within a certain area that is known for wildfires, your county may require you to obtain a permit before setting up your fire pit. 

What Can I Burn in a Fire Pit

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The safest thing to burn within your fire pit is wood ranging from cedar to hickory to oak and everything in between. 

There are common fire starters that you can pick up from your local store that are safe and easy to use and will keep harsh chemicals and toxins out of your fire pit. 

Items you want to stay away from our cans, batteries, paper, trash which when burned can create a lot more smoke as well as release toxins into the air. 

Where to Put Your Fire Pit  

An important thing to think about before purchasing or DIYing a fire pit for your backyard is location. Where you will set up your fire pit is very important because of safety as well as helping with the aesthetic and flow of your backyard. 

When looking for a place in your backyard to put your fire pit one major thing you need to pay attention to is the trees overhead. Overhanging branches, and low lying trees can cause a disaster in dry environments with a fire pit underneath them. 

You need to look for a place that is free from low hanging trees so find a spot on your property that has open air above to find a perfect spot for your firepit. 

Putting Out Your Fire 

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One of the most imperative things you can remember is the importance of safely putting out your campfire after use. 

Grabbing hot coals and throwing them in the trash is a sure fire way to send your house up in flames within minutes. What you need to be aware of when putting out your fire is paying attention to how intense the wind is and how red or orange your coals are. Even if your coals look like they are out, one gust of wind can reignite fires in seconds.

One thing you can do to make sure your fire is completely out is douse your campfire with water and come out and check on the embers before you call it a night. 

Buying Your Fire Pit

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As popularity for backyard fire pits gain momentum, there are more and more options for finding the perfect addition to your backyard. From making your own from materials you have, to purchasing a fire pit kit or simply buying a premade fire pit, there are multiple aspects to consider when looking for the perfect set up for your backyard. 

Permanent or Moveable 

There are so many options out there for fire pits in your backyard that you can make a list of what you need and you are sure to find a fire pit that fits with your needs.4

 One aspect to consider is whether you want your fire pit to be moveable or in a permanent location. Many premade fire pits that you can buy are built out of metals and can easily be moved to different locations. 

When creating your own fire pit, if you build a fire ring straight into the ground, it would be a lot harder to move to a different location. If you want a permanent set up, finding the perfect location is imperative to have a space to make lasting memories for years to come. 

DIY or Premade

There are tutorials all over the internet that take you through step by step on how to create your very own backyard fire pit. Many DIY fire pits are created with stones that you stack on top of each other to create a barrier in which you can make a fire inside. 

If you have a vision where you want a specific fire pit with seating around it and it’s a more permanent installation, creating your own is the way to go. You have the option to find DIY instructions for your fire pit as well as many stores have pre-made kits that allow you to create your own fire pit, but all the supplies are included for an easy DIY project. 

Another route you can go down when deciding on a backyard fire pit is purchasing a premade fire pit like this one from Home Depot. There are fire pits of all shapes and sizes that you are sure to find a perfect fire pit for your backyard. Many of the store bought fire pits are created with steel and iron, allowing the fire pit to stand up to corrosion and use over the years. 

Gas or Wood 

Another option you have when looking for a new firepit for your backyard is whether you want a fire pit that burns off wood or is simply run off gas. Having a gas fire pit allows you to start fires in a snap, but most times require a permit in many areas. One thing to think about when buying a gas powered fire pit like this one is how the process works and how much more expensive they are compared to other fire pits. 

Wood fire pits are easier to make yourself and bring the thrill of creating a fire from scratch. One downside to a wood fire pit is needing a constant supply of tinder, kindling, and wood at all times to create a fire to enjoy. 


Creating a backyard atmosphere is easy when you can install your own fire pit in your backyard. Having a fire pit in your backyard creates a warm environment in which you can invite friends and family over to enjoy. There are multiple aspects to consider when purchasing and setting up a fire pit in your backyards such as laws, location, and type, but overall is an easy process to enhance your backyard. You can absolutely have a fire pit in your backyard and the memories created around it will last for years to come. 

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