Can I Keep Bees in My Backyard

Bees are amazing creatures, and more and more people are opting to learn how to be a beekeeper as their newest hobby. It seems that once someone gets one hive, they love it so much that they continue to add hives and become more obsessed with these tiny creatures. While many have backyard bees, homeowners often wonder if they can keep bees in their backyard space.

Yes, in most areas, you can keep bees in your backyard space. It truly comes down to where you live and what kind of rules are in place in your town. Some towns allow backyard bees but restrict how many hives you can have, while others do not allow you to have them in the city limits.

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In this article, we will narrow down the benefits of backyard bees, if you can keep bees in your backyard, and how to have bees safely and effectively.

Can I Keep Bees in My Backyard

Yes, backyard beekeeping is becoming more and more popular all across the country. You need to make sure you understand the time it takes to take care of backyard bees properly, as well as what permissions you need to obtain.

Backyard bees is a hobby of many, and many people love the thrill of having hundreds of small bees on their property that are good for the environment while also producing delicious honey to consume.

There are so many advantages to having a backyard beehive, from pollinating your garden, to obtaining honey, as well as beeswax. A beehive in your outdoor space allows you to have plenty of amazing aspects of bees right out your back door.

Besides providing honey, bees in your backyard are the perfect educational opportunity. Honey bees are incredible creatures that, although they are tiny, are mighty and have some amazing features. From the types of jobs each bee has, to how they find new areas to make a hive, bees are fascinating, and you can learn first hand with your backyard beehive.

Is It Safe to Keep Bees in My Backyard

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Absolutely, more often than not, bees are defensive and will only sting if they feel provoked. That means that if they aren’t bothered, they will go about their business and will typically fly from the hive and back without taking over your yard.

Oftentimes it is recommended to place the openings of the hive away from your gathering area, which will allow the bees a safe space to go about their business without bothering you and your guests.

The only reason it would not be safe to have bees is if you have someone in your family that is highly allergic. If you or someone in your family is allergic to bees it is not recommended to have a hive, at least near your home. You can always work with the local beekeepers association to see if there is somewhere else you can keep your hive. Most times, a member will have land that will allow you to have bees without having the worry of your highly allergic family member getting stung.

Besides your family, it is also suggested to reach out to adjacent neighbors to see if they have anyone that is highly allergic. The last thing you want is your bee colony stinging a neighbor that has a severe allergy that could have been prevented completely.

Do I Need Permission to Keep Bees in My Backyard

In most cities, you will need permission to have bees in your backyard. From city to city you will run into different rules and regulations for having bees in your backyard as a hobby.

While some will tell you how many hives you can have, others will tell you how far away your bees need to be away from any property lines. Some towns will not allow backyard bees at all, so it is imperative you always check with your city before buying all of the pricey equipment that backyard beekeeping entails.

What Do I Need to Keep Bees in My Backyard

One thing to remember when you are thinking about having bees in your backyard is getting permission. The laws differ from city to city, so check in with your city to see what the rules are before buying all of the equipment needed to have bees on your land.

Next, you will need to purchase your bee boxes. You can start with a few at a time or decide to grab a good amount to start strong. After that, you will need to make sure you get a strong colony with a good queen; the queen affects the entire colony’s health.

If all of the details and equipment are overwhelming, most towns have beekeeper associations or clubs where you can go to learn and get assistance setting up your initial hive. Beekeepers association are highly educated, and you can be learning from others that have had bees and got honey for years.

Lastly, you need to remember just what bees are for and how they do their job well. Bees are exceptional pollinators and will travel from flower to flower, where they distribute pollen and bring some back to their hive to create honey.

If you want bees in your backyard, ensure there are adequate resources (i.e., flowers) for them. You can have flowers near your own home or simply make sure there are flowers around the neighborhood for them to use.

Honey bees are endangered species that we need to make sure we protect at all costs. They are one of the main pollinators that will pollinate a majority of the fruits and vegetables we eat every single day. Ensuring that your backyard bees are well taken care of will be good for you and the bees you have in your yard.

What Happens if I Keep Bees in My Backyard Without Permission

While beekeeping is common in many areas all over the United States, there are some more urbanized areas that do not allow you to have bees. If you decide to move ahead and have bees without permission, you may get an expensive fine, and also may need to either relocate or get rid of your bees completely.

Whether you are looking to have a beehive in your backyard or already have one and you are moving to a more urbanized area, it is absolutely recommended to check in with your city for proper rules and regulations.


In most areas of the country, you can have backyard bees with no problem, but some towns have very strict regulations against bees in your yard. Most times, towns that are highly urbanized won’t allow bees because there may not be adequate space to have bees effectively and safely.

Bees offer so many benefits to your backyard space, offering you honey, beeswax, pollinators, as well as plenty of learning opportunities. You must always make sure to obtain the necessary permissions to legally have bees in your backyard. If you are not allowed to have a hive in your backyard, you can always create a bee-friendly garden for the bees to come and pollinate safely.

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