Best Way to Hang a Ladder in the Garage (4 GREAT ideas)

So what’s the best way to hang a ladder in the garage? Disclaimer. There is more than one way to do it!

We all know how messy garages can get. Storing gear and organizing your tools is a challenge, especially when you are talking about large tools such as ladders. They are among the hardest items to store, given their size and weight.

However, today, we’ll be helping you learn the best ways to hang a ladder in your garage.

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1. Use a Ladder Hook – For Step Ladders

The easiest way to store a step ladder that doesn’t extend is to use a ladder hook. If you’re going to hang it vertically, then one hook is enough, but you might need two or three hooks to balance the load if you decide to go horizontally.

The choice between vertical and horizontal positions relies on your garage layout. Whichever one saves you more space, go for it.

The important thing is to balance the load of the ladder for your safety. The hook’s size and weight capacity in relation to that of the ladder determine that.

You can get some tubular steel hooks that’ll hold your ladder inside that U-shape; a couple of hooks would be perfect in this case. These tubes from Shepherd Hardware are among the best on the market.

When choosing a ladder hook, look for one whose surface is deep enough to accommodate the depth of the ladder. To protect the ladder’s external surface, you need to choose a hook with a coated surface not to scratch the surface of the ladder. Needless to say, you must check the weight capacity of the hook, and it should exceed that of the ladder with a proper safety margin.

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2. Use a Rugged Rack – For Vertical Storage

Another way to go about vertical hangers is to leave minimalistic ones and go for something more rugged and robust, especially for multi-position ladders that are mostly heavy and hard to move.

These ladders would be hard to store using a ceiling rack as they pose serious safety hazards. The same goes for hanging them horizontally, where some racks won’t be able to take their weight. The smartest way to go about this situation would be to hang them vertically on a reliable rack like this ladder rack from Little Giant Ladders.

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3. Use Some Pulleys – For Overhead Garage Storage

If you need to save more space in your garage, this is the way to go. Imagine hanging your ladder up against your garage’s ceiling. It’s almost like you didn’t use up any space!

The downside is clear, though. It is not the safest option.

You have to go through some considerations in this case. How old is your garage’s ceiling? What is it made of? Will the beams withstand attaching hooks to them?

We recommend you get a professional to do the inspection for you. The same applies to installing the pulleys system or the hoist correctly. If all is well, proceed to the next step.

You can then go for a pulley system like this one from StoreYourBoard Ladder Ceiling Storage Hoist that is basically a rack held by heavy-duty buckles and an auto locking system to the ceiling on which you place your ladder and lift it to the ceiling.

The mechanism is similar to pulling a window blind. You pull the rope, which pulls the ladder towards the ceiling. To get the ladder down, you work it out in the opposite direction.

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4. Use a Ceiling Rack – The Old School Way

There’s another alternative to the pulley system, which is installing a ceiling rack. In this case, you go through the same security inspection first to make sure your garage’s ceiling is fit for the process. Then, you install the rack to the ceiling.

Afterward, you use another ladder to climb to the installed rack and then load or unload your ladder. This issue has two advantages; it saves space and has a low cost. On the other hand, it takes a lot of effort, and it’s way less secure than the hoist system. Also, where are you supposed to store the other ladder?

If you decide to go that way, you must choose a rack from a reputable manufacturer like StoreYourBoard’s double ladder ceiling rack.

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Can I store my ladders outside?

This is not the best idea. Storing ladders outside in changing weather conditions and humidity will do more harm than good, as they’re prone to rust and corrosion.

It might be ok if your ladder is resistant to rust, but we don’t recommend it.

How many hooks should I use to hang my ladder?

If you hang it vertically, one is enough. In the case of horizontal hanging, it depends on the length of the ladder. If the ladder is shorter than 6 feet, use two hooks. If it’s longer, you can use 3 or 4 hooks. The more hooks you use, the more stable your ladder is.

Which is safer; storing a ladder horizontally or vertically?

When it comes to safety, horizontal storage is the optimum solution, where the weight of the ladder is well distributed, and there’s minimal risk of it falling.

In the case of vertical storage, there’s the risk of the ladder coming off the wall accidentally; since you’ll be using one hook to support the whole ladder. 


Learning some witty techniques to organize your garage can make a difference in the effort and time you put into doing jobs around your house. For example, making easy access to the ladder is way better than burying it under a dozen boxes and loads of dust. Besides, it’ll help you save space for other equipment or for you to make your mini workspace.

In the end, I think the best way to hang a ladder in the garage is to use hooks. Hooks allow you to store it in a vertical position, or if it’s too long, in a horizontal position.

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